Ever wanted to fasten your seat belt and put your hands over the steering of a classic sports car?

We are sure that you did. From the old mustang to the BMW and the Porsche, many of us have a desire to take one of these classic rides for a drive down the lanes of the city.

The very first problem and a big hindrance is that you definitely don’t own any such car and that’s why you wish to experience driving it. The next hurdle is their availability. They are unique, they are demanded and they are worth a lot. This is why no one will lend you one to simply take it for a drive unless the person is a close friend or your neighbour. But worry not! Because where there is a will, there is Cam Hire Car Club! Your favourite club for classic sports car rentals and more!

The Cam Hire Car Club

The club operates in the UK region and is among the most searched for club online in the region. This marks the popularity of this club in the UK region. We have always been in headline for the various events that we organize and arrange for the car enthusiasts. Our aim is to bring to you the best classic sports cars from the 80s and the 90s and make our members experience driving those beauties in the twenty-first century.

We have members from all over the UK who are willing to rent out or hire sports cars and other classic cars. If you own one or are willing to experience driving one by getting access to it then the club is for you. And if you are wondering why you should hire a classic car then here is why!

3 reasons that are enough to hire classic sports cars!

Because retro is evergreen

Because CLASSic is for men (and yeah it comes with a little swag too!)

Because you are a classic car enthusiast

Features of The Cam Hire Car Club

Members from all over UK

The Cam Hire Car Club is not limited to a particular region and our members are from various regions in the UK. This means that whatever your location be, we have got classic cars around you which you can rent.

Tons of cars to choose from

We have got tons of classic cars for you to choose from. Our line up is the best in UK and all cars are well maintained.


We are ever growing! That means tons of new members are registering with us every day. This also opens up more options for classic cars as they introduce their machines in to the club.

The most popular club in town

Cam Hire Car Club, the name is enough! We need not say more.

What are you waiting for! Join the club today by option for membership and get access to all the cars in our line up which are waiting for you. We have different types of membership to meet different types of budgets!

Happy Client

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Cam Car Hire Club has been by far the best car club that I have been a member of. They truly have a variety of classic cars and as a member, you can drive any of them. They are offering membership PAN UK which is something nice.
Edward S. Ohagan

Happy Client

Please use the contact form below if you would like to have additional information on our services!

I love this Car Hire Club! I have gotten to drive every one of my dream cars since I became a member and I had an old classic which I’ve rented out  thrice through them! It is a pleasure being a member! Way to go Cam Hire Club!  
Dean V. Ramirez